the spirit of la Sargantana


One day you stop and ask yourself if you like your life. If you like what you do. And, well, it’s not bad. But there’s something missing. More than eight hours a day dedicated to your job, which you like, isn’t bad. But you know there’s something missing. Something important. And one day you realise that what’s missing is passion, because that which really makes you feel complete isn’t in there. It’s out there. It requires effort and sacrifice, but the satisfaction that it gives in return is incomparable.

And so one day the idea emerges and we see the road that we need to take. And we turn the idea over. And we think about it. And we give it shape. And that’s how la sargantana was born.

Sargantana lizards are animals that can adapt to all kinds of habitats. With nearly 4,000 different species, more than any other kind of reptile, cold-blooded, and able to go without food for long periods of time, the typical sargantana has four legs, feet with sharp claws and a long tail. Most of them are fast, agile hunters. All of them possess a hard, scaly skin that acts as a waterproof layer and helps their body to retain moisture. The digger sargantana has smooth scales that help it to slide along the ground. The climber sargantana has extremely sharp claws that allow it to cling to walls, and there is no obstacle that it cannot overcome.

Here at la sargantana we want to help you to live out your greatest experiences. To try things that you’d never take on alone. To discover your ability to overcome obstacles. To enjoy a genuine outdoor experience.

We can suggest different ideas for activities. We can also draw up a tailor-made plan especially for you. Rock, snow, water, earth. You choose.


Albert Crusat

  • Telecommunications technician.
  • Mountain sport and climbing coach.
     -High-altitude mountaineering specialist.
     -Climbing specialist.
     -Canyoning specialist.
  • Member of ECAM (Escola Catalana d’Alta Muntanya).

“...the mountain reveals everything I have hidden inside. When I achieve my goal, I feel satisfied and sure of myself. If, on the other hand, I fail, I gain valuable information about my shortcomings...“

Specialist sports coaches from different disciplines collaborate with us in the creation, planning and realization of our activities.