General conditions

All of the activities of LA SARGANTANA BLANCA S.L. (hereinafter LA SARGANTANA) are subject to the general conditions stipulated below.
Participation in any activity of LA SARGANTANA entails the acceptance of the general conditions of LA SARGANTANA and any specific conditions which may exist pertaining to specific activities, and which will be additionally indicated in each of such activities.




  1. Given the nature of these courses and/or activities, the practices undertaken suppose a risk that each and every client and/or participant must accept.
  2. LA SARGANTANA will handle the issue of an accident insurance policy for the participants of the courses and/or activities offered. This insurance policy must be taken out by all participants.
  3. In the event of the loss or breakage of equipment loaned or hired from LA SARGANTANA due to negligence, clients may be obliged to pay for its replacement or to replace it themselves.
  4. LA SARGANTANA will not be held responsible for any accident caused by the imprudence, negligence or recklessness of any participant, regardless of whether said accident occurs within or outside of the timetables of the courses and/or activities stipulated by LA SARGANTANA.
  5. Activities are subject to weather conditions and to the number and profile of the people participating. The timetables, itineraries and methods to be followed may be modified or even entirely or partially suspended if circumstances dictate, and this decision will also be made according to the criteria of the company or the mountain guides or coaches.
    In the event that an activity or course cannot proceed, either partially or entirely, due to adverse weather conditions and according to the criteria already mentioned in this point, no refund will be given to the client given the unpredictable nature of these extreme factors (as long as the activity has already begun). If the activity has not yet begun, the amount paid will be returned to the clients except for the compulsory insurance policy, which is non-refundable.
    With the aim of preventing this type of incident from occurring and ensuring before the start of each activity that it can be carried out in weather conditions that will not oblige the activity to be suspended, LA SARGANTANA has established a weather forecast plan (prior to each activity) using data provided by the Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya or the meteorological service of the area in which said activity is to take place, which allows the company to analyse weather data and thereby avoid to the furthest extent possible an unwanted cancellation by any of the parties. Taking into account this forecast, once the activity has begun the start of each activity or course will be taken as accepted, with extreme and unpredicted weather conditions being the only cause that could lead the management and/or guides to halt or suspend the aforementioned activities without any obligation to refund any costs to the clients.
  6. During the course of all activities, the mountain guide or coach responsible for the activity has the authority to suspend an activity or to prevent a participant from continuing to take part in it if they deem that doing so implies a risk for said person or for the rest of the group. The participants promise to comply with the instructions and directions of the designated guide, coach or teacher and to follow the safety and behaviour guidelines that he or she dictates during the course of the activity. Any failure to comply with these indications may result in the exclusion of the non-compliant participant and even in the suspension of the course or activity, with the loss of all rights.
  7. Minors will provide the parental permission slip (original) on the day the course and/or activity begins, along with a photocopy of theID card or Passport of the parent or guardian. Without said permission slip and ID card / Passport, they will not be able to take part.
  8. The participant consents to any graphic images taken during the course of the activities to be used for any informative campaigns that LA SARGANTANA may undertake in the future and as an example for any subsequent participants taking courses and/or participating in activities with this company.
  9. The participant must complete a document declaring any kind of illness, allergy, etc. that he or she suffers in order to avoid unnecessary and unpredictable risks during the course of the activity. This data will be treated in the strictest confidence.
  10. The theoretical or explanatory session prior to the activity will be considered as the START of the services.
  11. Unless otherwise indicated in the programme, all costs and the responsibility for arranging transport to the location where the course or activity is to take place will be met by the participant.
  12. For introductory courses and/or activities, the safety equipment to be used by the participants will be provided by LA SARGANTANA, except in those cases in which, due to their complexity and/or particular circumstances, it must be provided by the participant. However, the type and quantity of each piece of equipment needed will be specified in each activity.
  13. To avoid possible risks caused by the lack of any element of equipment considered essential for the undertaking of the activity, those responsible for the activity may suspend or delay the start of said activity until said problem has been rectified or even decide to continue with the programme without the presence of the affected person in the event that the lack of said elements is the fault of said client.
  14. All of our personnel are fully qualified and trained and have ample professional and sporting experience. The safety of all the participants depends upon their advice, directions, warnings and teaching.
  15. The realisation of group programmes in accordance with the fees established (depending on the number of attendees) is subject to filling a minimum number of places, as indicated in each programme. In the event that one or several participants wish to take part in a course and/or activity when the minimum number of people established for it has not been met, an additional supplement will be applied to the fee of said course and/or activity (corresponding to the proportional cost of the established minimum number of places in the group). Alternatively, the participant or participants may opt to choose another programme with similar characteristics, or wait until a sufficient number of participants have signed up for a different date in order to realise that particular course and/or activity. The participant or participants may alternatively request a full refund of any money paid.
  16. The participants of each course and/or activity are asked to arrive punctually in order to ensure the correct completion of their course.
  17. The participant should have good health and an adequate physical condition. For activities with a higher component of sensations, such as bridge swinging, certain medical conditions may preclude some people to do the activity as heart disease or pregnancy.

  18. Any case not addressed by these conditions will be resolved by the Management of LA SARGANTANA.


The fees presented to clients in any advertising format used are applicable during the year of issue. All fees and information are duly verified at the time the prices are set; however they may be susceptible to subsequent changes.


Places for both activities and courses may be reserved in either of the following ways:

  1. By making a reservation down payment:
    - For activities of 1, 2 or 3 days, a deposit of €50 must be paid per place/activity in order to reserve a place.
    - For activities of longer duration or those that are to take place outside of Catalonia, a deposit of €250 is required per place/activity in order to reserve a place.
    The amount paid for the reservation will be discounted from the total price of the course and/or activity. Payment of the outstanding amount should be made as specified in the Payment Methods section shown below.
  2. By paying the total amount due for the contracted services:
    - The total amount due for all of the services that the client wishes to contract may be paid upon booking the course or activity. The deadline for making the payment will be, in general, four days before the theoretical or explanatory session prior to the activity, unless otherwise indicated in the programme. LA SARGANTANA will provide the client with a receipt corresponding to the contracted services only once the total payment for these services has been made or when a note confirming payment via bank transfer has been presented (also corresponding to the total amount for the contracted services). If the client does not make the payment before the deadline, LA SARGANTANA may proceed to cancel the confirmed reservation, in which case the corresponding clause of the general conditions described below will be applied.


The cancellation policy of LA SARGANTANA with regards activities or courses is as follows:

  1. Cancellation before the registration deadline date will result in the loss of the paid reservation deposit.
  2. Cancellation after the deadline date prior to the course and/or activity will result in the loss of the reservation deposit plus 25% of the total price.
  3. The non-appearance of the participant at the start of the activity will result in the loss of 100% of the total price.


  1. BANK TRANSFER: If a reservation deposit is not paid at the time the reservation is made, the client must make a bank transfer payable to LA SARGANTANA at least 72 hours before the first day of the activity. Next, the client should send an email to along with the bank receipt.
  2. CASH PAYMENT: Any client who so wishes will be able to make a reservation down payment for accommodation and/or activities by paying in cash, thus reserving these services for the dates indicated by the client.