Team Building / Coaching

The impossible becomes possible if you work as a team!

Learn to work together better as a group while having fun, sharpening your teamwork skills and taking on challenges that will awaken your spirit of achievement. This is what we offer with our full program of activities, designed especially to meet our business clients’ needs. We can adapt our activities to your company's specific requirements with tailor-made programs which can focus on general team-building or more structured formal coaching approaches, such as our unique equestrian coaching programs.

  • Objective
  • Strategy
  • Outdoor training
  • Activities

To develop better teamwork habits and a spirit of group participation, all in a learning environment focused on fun, personal improvement, and team cooperation. The benefit for your company is an improved workplace atmosphere, increased teamwork-based performance, and the opportunity for your company to provide incentives and motivation to team members while also providing participants with training and a chance to identify their leadership potential.
During the activities, the different situations can be fine-tuned at any moment according to your needs or to meet the objectives of the plan you have laid out. This direct and personalised control allows activities to be directed towards results that can be studied and analysed in detail. Capturing the activities on video also proves very useful for later review of each scenario and can be used later for training and reflection.

The strategies and plans we use are adapted to each individual case, and customised activities are created for the evaluation of personnel and individualised training or coaching. All of this assures a high degree of success in reaching goals and attaining well-rounded and guaranteed final results, which can serve as a launching point for new business-improvement strategies. The outdoor training that we provide is also itself an essential element of the benefits that participants derive.


Our love of nature, technical specialisation, and know-how from years of experience in the mountains are the qualities that set us apart. We are experts in mountaineering, canyon exploration, and a whole series of other adrenaline-boosting outdoor activities that can push you to your limits without sacrificing safety. Participants can get in touch with their own reactions, abilities, performance, etc.
Since outdoor environments are rarely a business group’s typical workplace, participants can start from square one. This allows our technical activities to be used to more honestly evaluate the abilities of individuals, including their reaction to challenges and ability to relate to the group when freed from their usual day-to-day surroundings, habits, and prejudices. The observations made and lessons learned though this type of programme are usually quite revealing.

The common denominator of all of our activities is that they take place in the outdoors and are performed as teams, whether team-based competitions or tasks which require a teamwork approach to succeed. All of the activities have two main components, first, a theoretical part, which may be a technical briefing required to perform the activity or perhaps a lecture given by an invited expert who shares his or her experience in the subject; and second, putting those techniques to practice .

The activities are designed as open-air courses where participants must solve a variety of problems and overcome challenges, working together within their team or cooperating with other teams in order to succeed. These challenges have been designed in a way that allows all of the teamwork elements involved in each specific case to be improved, through performance of particular outdoor activities:zip-lines, rappelling, rock climbing, orienteering, trekking, vias ferratas, GPS tracking, mountain biking, caving, slackline or rope bridge crossing, archery, and more.

We also offer exclusive coaching activities including equestrian coaching. Horses are experts in non-verbal communication and pick up on our emotions and excitement, like mirrors reflecting our own attitudes. They help bring out our leadership qualities and, through them, we can learn to discover our own potential. With this approach we can develop assertiveness and respect, teamwork skills, enhanced group dynamics, and improved leadership and communication abilities.